Pakistan WhatsApp Group Link For (Viral Videos, Drama & Girls)

Join our Pakistan WhatsApp Group Link For (Viral Videos, Drama & Girls) this is for those of you in Pakistan that wish to share the latest viral videos, drama and meet with new girls and guys from Pakistan and have fun with other members. This is  completely a super fun place to mingle with other members with similar interests.

A lot of people from Pakistan have been searching for the opportunity to belong to a certain WhatsApp group link where they can get  updates on the latest Viral videos, drama and meet with new girls and guys to possibly share their gossips and rumours on the platform,  imagine such  a fun place! This quest from the wonderful people of Pakistan triggered us to create this special WhatsApp group link for those people residing in Pakistan and the surrounding countries.

Even if you’re not currently living in Pakistan but due to one reason or the other,  you wish to join us, feel very free to join this WhatsApp group link.  We do not discriminate anyone and our major priority is to treat every member with equal rights and they catch fun .


We do make out time to source for catchy and latest Viral videos from the celebrities and other notable public figures,  we upload and discuss drama series on Pakistan WhatsApp Group Link and we have beautiful single girls and guys ready to meet with you and establish a relationship with you or have s@x chats with you,  share the latest p*rn sites and videos , hang out and have fun.

We really have a lot to offer you on this special WhatsApp group link and all you need to do is join us today and start catching fun with other members of the WhatsApp group link but before then,  you need to know our rules and regulations.

Pakistan WhatsApp Group Link Rules & Regulations :


  1. You must not abuse other members
  2. It is prohibited to share links, videos,  pictures and other topics that contradicts the purpose of this WhatsApp group link
  3. No member has the right to change the profile logo of the WhatsApp group
  4. All complains should be directed to the admin

Failure to adhere to the above set of rules will attract the removal of such a person from our WhatsApp group and keeping the above rules will make you stay longer on the WhatsApp group link and have continuous fun with other members.

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