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Let me further explain it to you in details about 75+ USA Visa WhatsApp Group Link. This is a set of special WhatsApp group numbers sourced from different USA Embassies and Consulates from over 75countries of the world.  It cost us more than a mere perseverance to gather these WhatsApp numbers,  put them together as a group to build this wonderful platform.

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Due to ignorance and false information,  a lot of people has been misled thereby they took wrong steps in their visa application,  some paid huge amount of money so that they can get the USA visa but at the end of the day their efforts was fruitless and no Visa was given to them. Are you one of those people  ? Have you been finding it difficult to get a USA visa  or have you been wondering how other people get American visa so easily  ? The answer is that “they took the right steps ” and you too can do it. Don’t worry anymore because in this article we detailed to you every secret about USA visas.

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USA Visa WhatsApp group link is a perfect place for you to meet some visa experts from over 75 different countries of the world and they are very willing to tell  you some visa secrets that you need to know on how to get your visa  easily and successfully.  All you need to do is first try to know the agency that are from your country and ask them questions,  if possible you can book appointments with them for visual interactions but don’t forget to follow the  guidelines for this WhatsApp group.

You can read the principles below :

USA Visa WhatsApp Group Link , The Rules And Regulations :


  1. Endeavour to direct your questions to the visa experts in your country
  2. All topics must  strictly be based on Visa
  3. This is not a relationship platform so no member is allowed to find relationships on this WhatsApp group link
  4. The use of foul language is not allowed on this WhatsApp group
  5. No member is allowed to share other links or change the WhatsApp picture
  6. All complains should be directed to the admin

The above rules was strictly made for every member of the WhatsApp group link and anyone who violate any of the laws will be removed immediately so you should know that keeping the rules will enhance your stay in the WhatsApp group link and make you  get to the right visa connections that you want from this platform .


You can join us today and start communicating with the USA visa experts in your country and beyond…. on the WhatsApp group,  you will read a lot of success stories from other members from all over the world,  you will also see  recent updates about the USA visa and the  embassy frequently asked interview questions and lots more…. we know you’re just a step away from getting your USA visa and we urge you  not to  forget sharing your success stories when you get what you want.